Immigrants' Theatre Project


“The plays might be set in the Bronx or Beirut, on a ship about to dock in New York or in a border town of Texas. The characters might be California farm workers debating whether to go on strike, or lovers from Prague deciding whether or not to stay together. The action takes place in 1945 or in 2003 or any moment in between. The participants could be from Cameroon, Guyana, India, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Colombia or Brooklyn. Traditional or experimental, poetic, realistic or movement-based, all these plays are at their core American. For years, one theater has been reaching into the deep humanity and individuality of people too often and too easily swept into generalities, bringing their stories, struggles and backgrounds to New York stages.”

– Alisa Solomon, Village Voice (Immigrants’ Theatre Project OBIE Award citation, May 2003)